Its ‘Home Sweet Home’ for KeyCreate. Welcome – We love you!

Its ‘Home Sweet Home’ for KeyCreate. Welcome – We love you!

You’ll be reading this after launch – obviously – we wanted to surprise you with all our new content and accessible features, so we kept things secret until now. That isn’t our usual style, because inclusion and secrets don’t make good sandwiches. We just wanted to make things fun and mysterious, because lets face it, its been a rough few months!

As you browse our new home, you will see embedded text to speech buttons. Some people struggle with text more than others and may not have access to screen readers yet. We wanted to make things as easy as possible. Wherever you are on the site, you can increase or decrease text sizes on the middle or top left with the disability and text logos. While you’re focusing on the left, there is also a contrast adjuster, a link underliner and greyscale image function for if things are too bright or hazy.

Let us know how we can help.

We aren’t perfect, but we’re trying our best to make sure you know we care. If our features don’t make it easier for you to access our content, we would love to hear why so we can do better. Our participants are as diverse as they are awesome, so we hope we can make our service as welcoming and considerate as possible for everyone!

You will also find embedded social media links and chat features across the site. We thought these might be helpful if you had a question about the content, or if it was just easier to chat some days. Facebook Messenger should pop up at the bottom right, and theres an embedded ‘call us’ feature, visible only to screen readers, for those who find it much easier to call us.

Its clear you found our new blog too… Hello from the blog! We’re so glad about that. This is where we will update you about news, events and anything else important. We really want to celebrate you, but first we welcome you by being as accessible as we can!

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