KeyCreate's Dave holds hands and sings to a smiling young girl at a hospice who has a feeding tube
A group of adults and children watch KeyCreate perform a story and Dave makes a monster face while crawling on all fours in a yurt at Blue Lagoon Festival
KeyCreate's Dave and a volunteer lean into each other to each play an acoustic guitar and sing during a workshop

Creativity, education and inclusion are key ingredients to our secret sauce, only its not much of a secret at all. We believe that everyone is welcome and that all of us are valuable, which is why KeyCreate, our not-for-profit organisation, was born in 2015. You could say we are a family. Whatever our abilities, however great our needs, to us it matters most that hearts are full, faces are smiling and that we all feel like we belong. We live in a world full of challenge and we have learned, through personal and professional experience, that society can be disabling if you aren’t allowed to fit in. We’re not cool with that, because we know that everyone can benefit from and contribute to any world that welcomes and fully embraces diversity. No matter what barriers we face, we each should be celebrated. 

Social Inclusion

Our uniqueness should unite us, not divide us. Our world should have things on offer for everyone. That is why inclusion is at the heart of everything we do. Our spaces and services can suit anyone. Through music, story-telling, sensory exploration, movement and play, we transport each other into magical new worlds. We’re so good at what we do; people don’t even notice that they’re learning and developing new skills, because they’re having so much fun.

Social Change

All of our participants have experiences of feeling excluded. KeyCreate has become a warm, friendly and supportive place for all who attend as a result. Whatever your age, ability and background, you are welcome, because we understand that all of us may face hardship at some stage, and that there is strength in unity. Due to this, we’ve become active community members pushing for positive change.

We seek to brighten the world we find ourselves in. KeyCreate hopes to help – by raising the volume of the voices of the often overlooked – and we seek to do this with joy, creativity and compassion, as well as through supporting, educating and engaging with our communities to end exclusion. KeyCreate has big ambitions for a little organisation. You’re invited to build a more inclusive and loving world with us. We will offer you a cup of tea, a story or a song while we do it, together,

and we will even give you a biscuit if you’re lucky.

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Dave of Keycreate with arms outstretched and sporting a full beard, curly hair and a joyful expression.

Our Expertise.

If you’ve worked with or met the KeyCreate team in the past, you’ll know we aren’t usually ones to brag. We do need to tell you, though, because what we have on offer is kind of a big deal! Our team have degrees in English and Cultural Studies; Drama, Media and Theatre; Business; and Primary Teaching, with specialisms in disabilities and additional learning needs.

If that wasn’t enough, we also have further professional training and decades of experience in voluntary and private sector services; emotional literacy; creative therapies; finance, business and third sector management; creative administrative solutions; fundraising; bibliotherapy; play work; writing and performing live music; story writing and telling; event organisation; mindfulness and well-being; developing and delivering vibrant, inclusive training and educational services; social inclusion; community development and engagement; support services; and there is plenty more to share with you, but we hope you get the idea.

You are in safe hands when you invite KeyCreate into your lives and we cannot wait to meet you!

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Inclusive, creative and educational services in South Wales.