We love meeting you the most, but here is a little about our team…

Though we may be small, we are mighty.

About Our Team.

Dave Morris of KeyCreate in black and white with a full beard, curly hair and a beaming smile

Ellie Evans of KeyCreate with long hair and a wide smile and looking off to the right.

Debbie Fish of KeyCreate smiling with her hair blowing and the sea behind her.

Dave Morris

Dave is our hairiest team member and the face you will see the most of. He has an abundance of love, energy and passion, which he pours into everything he does. Dave delivers all of our workshops, training sessions, one-to-ones, parties and events. It’s a good job he is full of beans! Dave is a dab hand with a guitar so its lucky he isn’t performance shy and can sing plenty well enough for his supper. It is frequently fed back to us that Dave has a kind of magic that reaches even the people most often left out. When asked what he loved about his work, he said ‘the smiles’, and there are always plenty of those. This is why Dave is another secret sauce ingredient (another terribly kept secret). In short, he’s The Man.

Ellie Evans

If Dave is our front man, Ellie is our brains. She pours hours and hours of her time (when she isn’t busy with three wilful, wonderful children) into ensuring all of our services are full to the brim with meaningful and enriching content – nothing is in our workshops by accident! Ellie is responsible for our participants increasing their motor skills, literacy, numeracy, language, world knowledge, personal and emotional development, sensory experiences, celebrating diversity, creative thinking and so much more. Ellie’s knowledge is extensive and seemingly effortless, though she works incredibly hard to make sure every participant benefits as much as possible; a speciality of hers is getting to know people to ensure their needs are met. In short, she rocks.

Debbie Fish

Debbie told our web-developer that she isn’t very good at selling herself, so we will do it for her. If it wasn’t for Debbie, KeyCreate wouldn’t exist. People may not see her face as often as Dave and Ellie’s, but her value to our little organisation is immeasurable. Debbie is the glue that holds us together. She skilfully manages our finances and funding; keeps our policies up to date; manages our insurance; ensures we’re working in line with all of the appropriate legislation; deals with all of our governance and liaises with our funders, sponsors and the Community Interest Company Regulator. Debbie is responsible for keeping us running as a successful organisation, so in short, she is a super woman.

Wowsers. What a team, hey?!

Our Other Volunteers

KeyCreate wish to extend a special thank you to Angela and Bryher. Without volunteers we would not be able to offer what we do!

Angie has supported us extensively over the years. By helping with photography, playgroups and workshops, she helped us operate. We’ve been able to work in new environments due to her networking and social media skills, too.

Bryher has helped us with all sorts in the past. From assisting with photography, technology and playgroups through to creating this website, she has been an asset.

Big thanks to Kidipics and Paul Fears, too. Thanks to their lovely images, our site looks very swanky. Without the help of Ben Church – TinyDigital, and his expert knowlegde, we may never have gotten this site launched, found or backed up safely. Thank you Ben!

Sustainable and Green.

Something of utmost importance to KeyCreate is that we have as small a footprint as possible where the environment is concerned. Our aim is to produce as little waste as we can; to recycle as often as we’re able; and to always use sustainable sources. We aim to do this with items we use in day to day life. KeyCreate strives for this in all of our service planning and delivery and all of our funding applications, too; we are a family and Earth is our house. If we want an inclusive society, we know its essential to start by taking care of our planet; by setting good examples for the children we encounter and raise, we hope the future will be brighter. 

What do people have to say about us?

Testimonials About Our Team

“Fun, amazing, happy, lots of smiles”

“It was 100% inclusive and all of the children got something out of it despite very different ages and abilities. I loved how genuinely celebratory it was of the input from each child, no matter how small i.e G. vocalising or M. scratching the drum – it’s really that which makes it special and needed and different from mainstream music classes where we are super self conscious that G. can’t hold the instruments or sing like the other kids. There were good opportunities for developing basic skills such as making choices, communication, fine motor skills. Great multi-sensory stimulation. Lovely relaxed vibe and I liked that you let some activities be guided by what the kids were doing i.e N. dressing as the sun! I liked the inclusion of some music education.”

“I want all parents of kids with special needs to know about it!”

Participants Complete Our Team

  • Support workers assist a young man in a wheel chair to enjoy playing with a large, blue inflated exercise ball
  • A bearded man with curly hair performs a story to a mixed age audience inside a yurt.
  • a bearded man holds a guitar infront a boy with limited mobility so he is able to participate
  • dave of keycreate holds a djembe drum infront of a young girl with additional needs so she may play it
  • a group of children and adults flutter a multicoloured parachute as they sit around it in a circle to shake the toys that are on top of it.
  • A family sit around a djembe drum encouraging a young boy to play it as he smiles
  • a bearded man, dave of keycreate, stands inside a play tunnel and makes a comical expression
  • Keycreate's Dave holds chimes for a young boy to play as the circle of participants celebrate his contribution
  • multiple children lie under a multicoloured parachute as adults waft it gently during relaxation time
  • a man in a green tshirt with a bird makes a comical face whilst pretending to 'rock out' with an acoustic guitar.
  • A room full of children and adults make star shapes with their bodies.
  • A young boy with limited sight closely examines his own reflection in a mirror.
  • A young boy with additional needs sits on the lap of his support worker. Both are smiling while participating in playgroup.
  • a young girl is dressed as a skeleton witch, stood next to a boy dressed as darth vader from lord of the rings for halloween.
  • A female author and her dog, the subject of her book, tell their story to a circle of children seated in playgroup.
  • two young girls stand in a water tray laughing. One wears wellies, the other has bare feet.
  • Multiple children sit underneath a parachute as adults raise and lower it to play.
  • A young boy sits on a rug during stay and play group, wearing a big, jeans and a knitted jumper.
  • A young boy on his mothers lap has 'round and round the garden' hand actions drawn on his palm.
  • two young girls watching a live screening of a keycreate workshop at home. Both are smiling in pastel colour pyjamas.
  • A young boy sitting in front of a laptop, wearing a party hat while participating in a live one to one zoom play session.
  • Keycreate's Dave supports a man in a wheelchair to enjoy making sounds with chimes.
  •  a young infant in a baby grow smiles as he sits on the lap of someone holding him
  • a young woman in a red tshirt and denim dungarees holding hands with her support worker and enjoying a session.

“So impressed with what Dave does – it really connects with M”

“I genuinely think it is a wonderful thing and you were brilliant. G. was totally captivated and engaged through the whole thing, which for a 2 year old in a 2-hour workshop says a lot!”

“It was good to see everyone enjoying it and smiling”, “Great participation by staff and service users”

“Dave is a superb resource and his sessions are pure sunshine for our pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties. All of our pupils who have accessed his sessions have been motivated and engaged throughout. Their responses to his activities have been a pleasure to observe. We look forward to further opportunities to use his service.”

“One of the best training sessions so far!”


Inclusive, creative and educational services in South Wales.