What can we offer?

  • We design and deliver high quality, sensory and creative learning opportunities for people with disabilities through a programme of innovative workshops. Using a variety of techniques and therapies, we bring to life themes, stories, tales and fables from across time and space through music, drama, art, play and dance in tailor-made workshops for members of the disabled community, of all ages.
  • We will come out to you, whether you are based in a school, day centre, community group, or any other setting, providing all resources, props and live music.
  • Our workshops will build towards a live performance in which everyone is involved and included.
  • We support education and student development in schools and will save your teachers precious time by providing your setting with details of how we work within, and cover multiple aspects of, the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework.
  • We are flexible and able to build workshops around your setting's particular needs, ideas and requirements upon request.






Dave Morris, KeyCreate's lead facilitator, has extensive training including BA Hons Degree in Theatre and Media Drama. He has a professional background in music and drama as well as a decade's experience of providing creative arts therapies to adults and children of all abilities. Skilled in improvisation and storytelling, he has presented many performances with members of the disabled community. He has specialist knowledge of disability and is passionate about inclusion and nurturing the individual - placing emphasis on what people CAN do, and bringing out potential and positivity.

''Great fun that was fully inclusive. We look forward to more stories and fables!''


''Fantastic leader!''


''He involved everyone and it was very interactive''

KeyCreate began in the Summer of 2015 by running one-off creative workshops based on sensory stories. With great feedback from customers, the word started to spread and we quickly gained recognition from charities, day centres, special schools and other organisations across South Wales as an exciting and high quality service for the disabled community.

Using previous experience and trying out new ideas, our workshops have provided people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to have fun, learn and create. These experiences then have the potential to increase the wellbeing, self-esteem and self-confidence of the participants.

KeyCreate is proud to be completely inclusive. We have facilitated activities for: large and small groups; for groups of people with mixed abilities; for all age groups; and have included families and siblings to enjoy together.


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