•“It was 100% inclusive and all of the children got something out of it despite very different ages and abilities. I loved how genuinely celebratory it was of the input from each child, no matter how small i.e G. vocalising or M. scratching the drum - it's really that which makes it special and needed and different from mainstream music classes where we are super self conscious that G. can't hold the instruments or sing like the other kids. There were good opportunities for developing basic skills such as making choices, communication, fine motor skills. Great multi-sensory stimulation. Lovely relaxed vibe and I liked that you let some activities be guided by what the kids were doing i.e N. dressing as the sun! I liked the inclusion of some music education.


I genuinely think it is a wonderful thing and you were brilliant. G. was totally captivated and engaged through the whole thing, which for a 2 year old in a 2-hour workshop says a lot!


I want all parents of kids with special needs to know about it!


•So impressed with what Dave does - it really connects with M.

•By all means, feel free use whichever photos. They make me smile, and if I saw them as a parent who hadn't experienced KeyCreate, I think they would make me want to give it a go!


Care Staff in Day Service:

•It was good to see everyone enjoying it and smiling.

•Great participation by staff and service users

•Communication – bringing people together

•Fun, amazing, happy, lots of smiles!




•Dave is a superb resource and his sessions are pure sunshine for our pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties. All of our pupils who have accessed his sessions have been motivated and engaged throughout. Their responses to his activities have been a pleasure to observe. We look forward to further opportunities to use his service.


Teaching Assistants of our training:

•“One of the best training sessions so far!”

• “Interesting, informative and well delivered”

•“You made the presentation fun and interesting”